Thinning the Classrooms Walls through Blogging as Pedagogy

AQPC, June 6, 2019
Alison Crump, Marianopolis College

Rethinking My Practice

“The why, what, and with whom of learning has changed” (Richardson, 2012) in this digital age.

Talking points

Welcome! Thank you for coming to this session at the 2019 AQPC Conference. I’m Alison Crump, Associate Dean, Programs at Marianopolis College in Montreal. I’m presenting today with my teacher hat on. If you want to know more about me, have a look at here.

What to expect from this session

As I was preparing this presentation, I thought that the most suitable way to engage in a dialogue about blogging as space for teaching and learning would be to create a blog for the presentation. To be clear, I’ve never done a presentation in this way before. 

You will find the presentation overview, with the list of the blog posts here. Each blog post loosely corresponds to what would be a slide in the kind of presentation you were probably expecting. Each post has 3 parts – the visuals that would have been on a slide, my talking points, and a space for your participation. 

I invite you, whether you’re in the room or joining us from elsewhere, to participate to the extent that you feel comfortable. You can comment on any or all of the posts along the way, or later, or not at all. If, at the end of this presentation, you are interested in using blogging as pedagogical tool, you will find some basic Tech Tips here

Today’s plan

I will be sharing a story of rethinking my teaching practice. The context was a graduate course I taught at McGill’s Faculty of Education, when I decided to open up one of the course assignments to a public forum. While this is not a cegep context, I think you will find similarities in the diversity of the students and recognize some of the challenges they experienced as learners in a language other than their first. 

What you’ll leave with

My hope is that you will leave with some new ideas for your own teaching, some basic tech tips, some new connections in your professional network, and a shared space for continuing this conversation.


Richardson, W. (2012, October 25). Three starting points for thinking differently about learning. [Blog post]. Retrieved from


2 thoughts on “Thinning the Classrooms Walls through Blogging as Pedagogy

    1. Thanks for sharing, Tristan! I imagine you’re a great storyteller as a teacher and that the stories you tell help your students connect to their learning as well.

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